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Big Penis, Sex Positions That Are Highly Executable

Or, Why Size Matters for the Big Boy

There’s more to being well-endowed than that mere swagging. Have a big penis is not overrated at all, because there are physical and psychological benefits that you are probably yet to realize. This is why cock ring products and similar adult toys have cemented their place in a market with growing demand: they promise to boast both size and performance (albeit only when worn) and cause you to have a big penis for sex positions that are not yet on the map, so to speak.

Here are some reasons why size matters:

  1. Better look under your clothes. Appearance matters, of course. A large size not only gives you a good bulge, but also makes you feel comfortable in your overall style. The beach is a great place to show a nice huge crotch, which is there are men with a fashionable secret: underwear with C-ring for enhancement sewn in.
  2. There’s less sexual tension or anxiety. You’re all set with the girl of your dreams, but what if you’re all tense and insecure because of your size? A great package not only relieves you of the sexual anxiety (which is somehow natural) and allows you to relax, have all the sexual energy you can muster, and be your best during performance.
  3. You’re physically advantaged. Others may be great kissers and make-out masters, but it’s men like you who can touch areas of a girl’s vagina that other haven’t, and areas that even she and her fingers are yet to discover! The deep thrust you give her is a marvelous rush to her senses, and there’s nothing else left but the luscious sexual climb and orgasm that’s a subject of talk among her and her girl friends.
  4. You give your girl the great feeling of having a big penis inside her. You take your queen’s sexual pleasure and intensity to a whole new high. Although it’s true that size isn’t the end-all of unforgettable sex, it’s a great factor in hitting her sensitive spots and helping her have the orgasm of a lifetime. It’s that feeling of “being full”: a fully erect power drill, maybe with a metal cock ring on.
  5. It makes you more socially confident and ready for getting laid. Many guys score a steamy sex date not because of their looks or the size of their wallet. Yes, they do it because they’re packed down there! Girls will look at you like you’re a stud, and this will dramatically increase your chance of showing her your bag of tricks that very night.
  6. You’re a true stud – in naughty cellphone pictures!  Invest in a good conversation with someone you just met on social networks or recently exchanged text messages with. Soon afterwards, you can ask for the girl’s hot photo, and blow her away with your: your gifted nature! Pump up the excitement with a cock ring visibly adorning your family jewels.

Ready to reap these advantages? Read our hard gear cock ring news and reviews and get started on the hardwear-guy adventures in bed now!

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